The NeuroPower Team of Consultants

Peter Burow


  • Peter is an expert in leadership and team development, transformational change and employee engagement. Peter is internationally regarded as a trusted advisor and expert facilitator of senior executive teams in driving individual, team and organisational performance
  • He has developed the ground-breaking NeuroPower framework – a system explaining human behaviour through the integration of neuroscience, psychology and best-practice management theory used by accredited practitioners in Australia, USA, Thailand, Malaysia, India and the UAE
  • He is the author of numerous books and is CEO of the NeuroPower Group

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Peter Burow

Anna Byrne


  • Anna has a background in law, political science and psychology with significant experience in the development, implementation and management of organisational change and transformation programs that solve complex problems, shift behaviour and drive employee engagement
  • She has a particular interest in applying behavioural strategies to develop initiatives that optimise engagement, accelerate the embedding of change and drive tangible change in the workplace
  • She specialises in coaching leaders and managers in transformational project management, employee engagement and strategic communications
Zane Harris


  • Zane is a human resources professional with extensive experience managing organisational-wide change and learning and development programs
  • He specialises in applying the insights from neuroscience to significantly accelerate the development of teams in order to drive organisational performance and create cultural alignment within blue chip corporations, government departments and rapidly growing SMEs
  • He trains the NeuroPower framework with senior leaders in a range of organisations across Australia, South East Asia and the Middle East

L. Antonio Chevez


  • Antonio has a background in indigenous health, community health education, applied health science, counselling and coaching
  • He is Chief of the Indigenous (tribal) Government of the Lenca People of El Salvador in Central America and has significant experience in building communities and creating behavioural change and engagement at a grass-roots level
  • His community and tribal development expertise has enabled him to be part of high level discussions at the United Nations and other international forums. See more
  • He specialises in applying insights from neuroscience and integrating them with traditional engagement methodologies to build sustainable teams, communities and associations
Misha Byrne


  • Misha is an awarded neuroscientist with a background in researching the brain mechanisms behind how we monitor and improve our own performance
  • He has extensive experience in the collection and analysis of research data in marketing, stakeholder engagement and cultural analysis with working as a researcher in Cognitive Neuroscience at the Queensland Brain Institute with a specific focus in quantitative behavioural genetics
  • Specialises in taking the latest insights from neuroscience and creating real-world business applications
Wade McFarlane


  • Wade is a social researcher with a background in Accounting and over a decade of experience in organisational and cultural analysis and expertise in applying the NeuroPower framework to organisation behavioural change
  • He heads NeuroPowerGroup’s Field Research Division and manages the ´engine room´ of the consultancy to provide clients with results that can be applied to achieve their specific needs
  • He specialises in applying the Core Beliefs framework to team engagement, stakeholder analysis and organisational change and has specific knowledge and experience in profiling using the Core Belief Framework

Joe Foster


  • Relocated to Australia at the request of Kerry Packer in 1993 from his native USA to become Managing Director for Huntsman Chemical Company Australia
  • Experienced senior executive, CEO and director with an impressive track record of developing and running successful businesses and teams in large, complex manufacturing and logistical/distribution businesses
  • Expertise in the areas of strategic analysis, culture alignment with strategy, leadership development and executive coaching
Warren Clarke


  • Award-winning senior journalist with 25 years experience in TV and radio and an international correspondent with the Nine Network
  • Roles have included Chief of Staff and evening bulletin producer of National Nine News
  • An accredited and successful business Consultant
  • Specialises in driving strategic communications in Australian business, coaching CEOs and senior leaders in executive media skills, stakeholder engagement and strategic communications
Toni Scoble


  • Behavioral strategist focusing on stakeholder insight and behavior
  • Strategic adviser on reputation management and communications to Boards, CEOs and senior executives of leading companies in Australia
  • Experienced CEO, Director and Corporate Affairs Executive in Australia and overseas
  • Founder of the Integral Leaders Institute, a business-focused thought leadership forum exploring profound change in people, organisations and society
  • Executive Consultant and Facilitator, team and personal change agent as well as an adviser on human behaviour
  • Specialises in coaching senior leaders and marketing executives on consumer and stakeholder behaviour

Darren Ramia-Topp


  • Customer Experience, Change and Leadership professional with extensive experience in developing and leading enterprise-wide cultural change programs, from both inside and outside an organisation, to refocus companies on their customer
  • Specialises in developing and applying insights from the customer’s experience to realign the service delivery, operational functions and internal customer service to better meet the desired customer outcomes
  • Experienced at operating at senior leadership and executive levels in large enterprises to develop and implement wide-scale change programs
Anna Waters


  • Anna is a registered psychologist who specialises in organisational psychology. She has extensive experience in research, analysis and interpretation of best practice culture change, engagement and leadership interventions
  • Anna believes in delivering practical interventions based on the latest research in neuroscience to produce measurable results for an organisation
  • As a consulting psychologist, Anna works with organisations to deliver training and development, conflict management, employee engagement, change management, outplacement services, organisational surveys and employee health and wellbeing initiatives
  • Anna enjoys working with clients to understand complex issues, articulate strategy, clarify objectives, engage key stakeholders, and create an implementation plan to achieve effective outcomes for organisations
Joe Foster III


  • Joe is a computer engineer with over a decade of international IT consulting experience for large government and commercial organisations, specializing in organisational change and ‘bridging the gap’ between business and IT departments
  • He has utilised his expertise in IT Service Management to lead several large scale transformational improvement projects for the US DoD, with particular focus on business process efficiency and behavioural change
  • He demonstrates a unique ability to translate concepts across business
units, providing his client teams with improved communications, stronger relationship building, and a common understanding between organisational boundaries

Triptta Neb


  • Triptta has 16 years in development of people and companies and has worked with CEO’s and Leadership teams across Europe, India, Middle East and Africa, in strategy, Talent and HR alignment
  • She has a unique ability to connect with people across all levels of management, age groups and varying nationalities, and her focus has always been to unlock potential and enable leadership
  • As a certified practitioner in the delivery of Culture Creation / Evolution, Vision and Strategy Creation and Implementation, and Leadership development programs, Triptta has always sought cutting edge models and systems, which will ensure transformation. She is currently working on models to integrate the field of neuro sciences in the various aspects of the corporate world
Tim Rossi


  • Tim has 20 years experience in senior management roles within the finance sector, including an executive directorship with Hill Samuel Australia (now Macquarie Bank). Tim’s teams played a leading role in the rapid growth of Australia’s Money Markets
  • He has numerous qualifications in finance, business and 10 years experience as an executive coach
  • He specialises in using the NeuroPower Framework to coach senior executives in increasing their performance and engaging their teams
Shelley Evans-Wild


  • Shelley is Head of NeuroPower Learning and Development and trains and certifies teaching practitioners in the application of the NeuroPower framework
  • She specialises in curriculum best practice through brain-based learning methodologies as well as teaching and parenting and the affect this has on learning outcomes, leadership behaviour and organisation outcomes
  • A qualified teacher with a background in Education, Educational Administration, Small Business, Community Leadership, Psychology and Neuroscience

Sandy Harris


  • Sandy has a background in education, community engagement, restorative justice, counseling and coaching
  • She has extensive experience in developing and facilitating educational programs based on authentic communication, engaging stakeholders in the development of community-based solutions to shared goals and challenges, and facilitating dispute resolution processes that lead to empowered outcomes
  • She specializes in integrating neuroscience with emotional intelligence and working collaboratively with individuals and teams to effect behavioural and attitudinal change
Michelle Sorrell


  • Michelle has more than 20 years experience in business management, strategic business planning, and strategic marketing, branding and communications
  • She specialises in creating high-level business strategies and visions and taking them through to effective practical implementation
  • She brings to clients particular expertise in developing strategies and communication that drive both internal and external change
Lyn Thiele


  • Lyn is an expert in designing and implementing strategic organisation development programs to facilitate transformational change. Her substantial expertise in this area is underpinned by her post graduate qualifications in change management and counselling and insights from neuroscience. She specialises in developing strategic capability frameworks which focus individual development and performance on the organisation’s transformational goals
  • She conducts organisation reviews and produces comprehensive reports for Boards of Management. This expertise is strengthened through the award of a certificate in organisation assessment, European Foundation in Quality Management
  • Lyn is an experienced trainer and trains senior managers in Australia and internationally

Sarah Ormond


  • Sarah has extensive experience in behavioural science, marketing, public relations and research which she applies within a neuroscience framework to deliver results
  • Sarah is self-motivated and highly engaged in relationship and project management for efficient client delivery and stakeholder engagement